Codice Sconto Stampante 3D Alfawise U30 a 178€

Codice Sconto Stampante 3D Alfawise U30 a 178€

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Codice Sconto Gearbest Alfawise U30 2,8 pollici Stampante 3D FDM Fai da Te Desktop Ad Alta Precisione Schermo Touch – Magazzino Italia con spedizione veloce

Prezzo: 178.62€

Codice Sconto: GBALFAU30IT

Alfawise U30 2,8 pollici Stampante 3D FDM Fai da Te Desktop Ad Alta Precisione Schermo Tattile

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Tipo di SciarbaFai da te
Materiale (Frames)Alluminio
Bordo della PiattaformaBase in alluminio
Area Incisione220 x 220 x 250 mm
Quantità UgelloSingolo
Diametro Ugello0.4 millimetri
Temperatura dell'ugellotemperatura ambiente a 250 gradi
Spessore dello Strato0.1-0.4mm
Stampa Offline della Scheda di MemoriaCarta di TF
LCD Schermo
Velocità di Stampa120mm/s (max), 30 - 70mm/s (consigliato)
Temperatura di Piattaformatemperatura ambiente a 100 gradi
Materiale di SupportoABS,PLA,Legno Riempito
Diametro Materiale1.75 millimetri
Formato del FileG-code,OBJ,STL
XY precisione di posizionamento0,0125 millimetro
Z precisione di posizionamento0.0025mm
Host Software per ComputerCura,Repetier-Host
Tipo di ImballaggioImballaggio non Assemblato
Supporto di SistemaWindows / Mac / Linux
Tipo di ConnettoreUSB
Peso di Prodotto7,8000 kg
Peso di Pacchetto8,6000 kg
Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A)42,50 x 40,20 x 50,50 cm / 16,73 x 15,83 x 19,88 pollici
Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A)46,70 x 41,20 x 18,70 cm / 18,39 x 16,22 x 7,36 pollici
Contenuto Imballaggio1 x Kit di Stampante 3D (Semi-assemblato), 1 x Manuale Inglese

Descrizione:La stampante Alfawise U30 è un'incredibile stampante 3D progettata per professionisti e dilettanti. addestra l'abilità pratica e solo 1 ora è necessaria per finire l'assemblaggio. Vanta un rapporto ad alte prestazioni conveniente-qualsiasi appassionato di Fai da Te non sarà impegnato...

Recensioni degli utilizzatori

I absolutely love it. It came super fast, the package is very good. It comes semi-assembled. there are printed assembly instructions but they are not always clear, so I recommend to use the instructions that come on TF card with the printer - there are photos of the assembly process. Also there are a lot of videos on youtube. The quality is very fine, rigid aluminium frames, glass stage with teflon(?) layer, good quality motors and pooleys. Everything comes in its' place and I succeeded to assemble it with my son in an hour or so. It comes with a piece of PLA filament so I was able to test it and calibrate settings. Touch screen is super convenient and user interface is very neat and clear. It is very quiet during the work. I suppose that printing volume is ok for home needs. TF card slot located on the back so it is less approachable, but this can be easily tweaked. During the work it generates vibrations a little so better to put it on very steady surface. It's really fun. Print quality is good, extruder and loader work smooth. Bottom line: I think it is very good value for its price. I really like this Printer, it worked right out of the box after about 30 minutes to assemble, mostly took this long because I wanted to make sure everything was right. I have had this printer for about a month now and so far so good. I like how easy it is to use, the bed level feature works pretty well. The one thing I did not like was the existing bed cover, everything stuck too well and would not come off, I tried heating it up a little and it did not help eventually i ruined it by trying to scrape too hard so I ordered some new plate covers after printing on plain glass, and now everything sticks perfect and also releases without issue. I have printed several things and they have all come out nicely. Well, to me they look nice compared to my Tronxy X1. The other day I printed my longest print ever, it was over 30 hours, printed the marble machine. It was pretty cool. See video for some of that print. My camera messed up a couple times so I only got some of it.

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